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Terms & Conditions

You can use services of a web site (hereinafter Dovelamore) if you accept the terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with this Terms & Conditions or any of the items please do not register your profile, or delete it, or ask us to do it, if you are already registered.

1. User obligations

Services of Dovelamore site may be used by people who are at least 18 years, or who have reached the considered legal age in the country of accessing the site. At Dovelamore site you can get in touch with text, audio and video material intended for adults only. When you sign up at Dovelamore registration you accept to receive reporting nad promotional messages to e-mail address entered in the questionnaire.

2. Termination or denial of services at Dovelamore site

If you want to stop using the services of Dovelamore site, you need to delete your profile. Profile deleting can be done starting on page My profile by clicking on Edit profile information, then check the box Delete user profile and click on Delete. Deleting a profile is the irreversible action. Site administrators reserve the right to delete a profile and deny membership without notice for a user who violates these Terms & Conditions. If you do not log in on your profile for more than 365 days your profile will be deleted from the system.

3. Illicit activities and content:

  • release contents that violate domestic and/or international laws, such as racist, abusive, threatening, pedophile or content that may endanger others in any way

  • false representation, or representation on behalf of another person

  • publication of content protected by copyright

  • publication of promotional and advertising content, or other similar activity without permition

  • send messages and promotional advertisements or other similar activity without permition

  • knowingly submit content that contains viruses or other computer code whose execution destroy, damage, or limit the functionality of hardware, software or data

  • publishing other people's personal data

  • public disclosure of data from which can be unambiguously determined someones identity (name, email or postal address, phone number, etc.)

  • highlight any extra-institutional "features of the national"

  • publish content which in any way may undermine the reputation of Dovelamore

  • publish content which in any way may undermine the reputation of some groups, parties, nations and states

Site administrators reserve the right to partialy or completely delete content published by a user and take appropriate legal measures against a user who has violated this Terms & Conditions.

4. Protected content on the Dovelamore site

At Dovelamore site there is a copyrighted material that must not be copied, modified, transmited, distributed, displayed and sold without the authors written permission.

Users are solely responsible for the content posted on Dovelamore site, which includes facilities that are fully or partially accessible to all users, as well as content that is exchanged between two users.

5. Privacy Policy

Dovelamore guarantees the security and privacy of all personal data of registered users, provided during registration, sent messages, suggestions, comments, asked questions, or for any other reason. All contacts are taking place over a secure connection and thus are protected against unwanted access by third parties.

Dovelamore is committed that your personal information will not be given, exhibited, rented or sold to third parties.

6. Disclaimer

Dovelamore does not guarantee the availability of its facilities and services at any time and from any computer and/or operating system. Dovelamore bears no responsibility for the content of profiles, statements, pictures or other members material. Dovelamore will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of its facilities and services.™

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